Atisha Paulson Captures NYC

We tasked acclaimed photographer Atisha Paulson with capturing the essence of New York City. No small feat, we know. But then, Paulson is no noob. Having worked with David LaChapelle and published work in everything from VICE and Huffington Post to Paper and The New York Times, Paulson’s images evoke the rawness of seminal NYC documenter Nan Goldin. We fell in love with his work after he shot some Flavorpill staffers on the court at the US Open this summer.

So, we packed Paulson off with a new Samsung NX1000 camera — a compact camera system — and asked him to catch the city’s scenery, landmarks, graffiti, nightlife, and people with it. One of the coolest thing about the camera is that it’s super light, but still comes equipped with 20.3 megapixels (!) and wifi (so you can share instantly to Facebook). As Paulson himself said, “Sometimes my SLR is too big and bulky to take out and about, so I end up leaving it at home and missing a lot of great shots (in NYC you never know what great shot is waiting around the corner but you know it’s always out there). With the NX1000, I can slip it into my pocket always have it with me.”

Whether you’ve lived in New York your entire life, or have admired the city from a far, we think you’ll fall in love all over again after checking out the photos he submitted.

Photography by Atisha Paulson