Monuments to Merriness: Christmas Superfans and Their Homes

One of our favorite aspects of the holiday season has got to be the lights that pop up all over the city. But your neighbor with the blinking multi-colored tree? He’s got nothing on the folks photographer Jesse Rieser meets. In his ongoing project entitled Christmas in America: Happy Birthday Jesus, Rieser documents the superfans of Christmas, and the “monuments to merriness” they erect on their lawns every year. “I’m celebrating people celebrating,” Rieser told Wired. “They have the stage this one time a year to show their feathers, even if it is just buying a bunch of stuff and throwing it up in the yard.” This, friends, is some serious holiday spirit. Get a little merrier after the jump, and then be sure to head over to Rieser’s website to check out more of his work.

Image Credit: Jesse Rieser