Our 15 Most Anticipated Albums of 2013

So Christmas is done with for another year, which means that today is all about hangovers, indigestion and looking forward to 2013. We have good vibes in general about the year to come, and we’re hoping that it holds as much musical goodness as 2012 did. The early part of the year is certainly shaping up well, and after the jump we’ve put together a kind of extended edition of our regular monthly album release preview, looking at the 15 albums (with confirmed release dates) that we’re hanging out for in the new year, in addition to a roundup of records that are rumored/don’t have firm release dates/etc. As ever, do let us know if there’s anything you’re looking forward to that we might have missed.

Broadcast — The Berbarian Sound Studio (January 8)

The untimely death of Trish Keenan robbed the music world of a singular and chronically underappreciated talent. This posthumous release is a soundtrack to the recent British psychological thriller Berbarian Sound Studio, which depicts “a British sound recordist’s slowly degenerating mental state while working in an Italian film studio.” The film’s meant to be great, and the soundtrack is just as weird and sinister as one might expect from the sound of the plot — sample song titles include “Burnt at the Stake,” “Found Scalded, Found Drowned,” and “The Serpent’s Semen.”