A Collection of Suspiciously Similar Book Covers

Sometimes, while we’re browsing through book catalogues, or idly pulling things off the shelves in bookstores, as we often do, we are suddenly struck with a sense of deja vu. Haven’t we, um, seen this book before? Of course, there are thousands of examples of different books using the same clip art, which, while lazy, is probably unavoidable, but what about the more nebulous resemblances? After the jump, a few book covers and their suspiciously similar (we won’t say rip-offs, but we sometimes might imply it) pairs. Let us know what you think (or if we missed a particularly egregious one) in the comments!

We admit that we might not have noticed this, except for the word “Fields” — but then there’s fact that the cover for The Art of Fielding is just so good, and at this point, a little iconic. The Fields is a forthcoming novel, also a coming of age, also a debut from a promising author — but we don’t think it has anything to do with baseball.