Issues of ‘Artforum’ Carved into Artful Swirls of Color

We’re big fans of magazine art here at Flavorpill, and we also happen to be big fans of Artforum, so it’s a no brainer that we’d be interested in Francesca Pastine’s Artforum Excavation Series, in which she engages with the magazine on its own terms — artistically, of course. “I recontextualize content and subvert it in order to insert myself into larger global narratives,” Pastine writes. “My manipulations map out a tangle of associations, unique contradictions and paradoxes through curious juxtapositions. I consider my interaction with Artforum magazine as a meditation on materiality which results in a palpable complexity between form and information.” After the jump, check out a few of our favorites from Pastine’s series, and then head here to check out more of her work.

Photo Credit: Francesca Pastine