Funny, Glamorous Face Swaps of Old Hollywood Movie Stars

Even though the new year just kicked off, we’re ready to count Tumblr Old Hollywood Face Swap as one of our favorites of 2013. The website is basically what it sounds like: hilarious, nicely executed face swaps featuring the finest from Hollywood’s Golden Age in vintage, black-and-white loveliness. Once the initial laughter passes, the photos become an interesting lens to view the gender roles of the era. “I try to go for iconic pairings whether real-life, filmic, or in some cases both (Bogie/Bacall, Lucy/Desi, Powell/Loy), but I’m also interested in exploring the less expected. I think the biggest surprise was Rock Hudson and Doris Day. There are obviously many layers to that one in the first place, but I wasn’t prepared for how striking Doris Day’s face would look on his body,” the creator of OHFS tells us. We’d like to add that Marlene Dietrich makes a fabulous drag queen (duh), and Laurence Olivier looks surprisingly comfortable as a woman in his photo. See what we mean in our gallery, and visit Old Hollywood Face Swap for daily amusement.

Image credit: Old Hollywood Face Swap
Rock Hudson & Doris Day