Meditative Movies That Will Help You Find Yourself

Director Ron Fricke and producer Mark Magidson (the creators of Baraka) traveled to 25 countries over the span of five years, filming the 2011 non-narrative documentary, Samsara. The stunning movie arrives on Blu-ray tomorrow. Described as “a nonverbal, guided meditation,” the film was shot on 70mm and explores the interconnectedness that humanity shares with the rest of nature — from the world’s most sacred spaces, to industrial sites populated with machines. It’s the wheel of life and human experience captured with breathtaking photography. These types of contemplative, non-narrative features allow audiences to traverse every corner of the earth, immersed in a powerful, transcendent journey of self-discovery. See our picks for similar meditative movies, below.

Latcho Drom

Director Tony Gatlif (of Romani descent) took audiences through a yearlong journey of music, dance, and Romani culture across Egypt, Slovakia, Romania, India, Spain, Hungary, and France. Lively music from now internationally famous troupes like Taraf de Haïdouks becomes the narration for a story of family, persecution (from the days of Hitler, to our time), and humanity.