A Selection of Great Post-1970s Glam Rock Albums

We’re super excited about the return of Suede, both because their new single “Barriers” is really great and because, honestly, we’re hoping for some sort of glam re-revival in the year to come — surely it’s time for the return of bands whose ambitions extend beyond bedroom laptoptronica and/or determinedly anonymous we-just-do-what-we-do-and-possibly-have-beards indie? Hey, David Bowie’s surprise album announcement certainly can’t hurt the possibility of a glitter resurgence, either! While we wait, we’ve been digging out our old Suede CDs and also exhuming other examples of glam rock from after the genre’s mid-’70s golden age. Here are some of our favorites — what are yours?

Suede — Dog Man Star

There’s an argument to be made for the first Suede record here, but we’re going with the majestically overblown glory of their enduring masterpiece. In essence, glam has always been about creating a world to transcend urban drudgery, about looking for “constellations in the mould in the coffee cup,” in bassist Mat Osman’s Oscar Wilde-esque phrase. Dog Man Star did that and then some, creating an entire universe of dissipated glamor in the living room of Brett Anderson’s basement apartment.