HALLS’ Coolest Dance Parties in the Country: Los Angeles

HALLS and our intrepid party reporters hit dance floors coast-to-coast to find the coolest ongoing parties in the country. It was a hard job, but somebody had to do it. On our trip, we uncovered the coolest hot spots in LA where serious dancers seriously get down. We’re talkin’ places that really know how to party. So join us and get ready to let the cool in. It’s gonna be Mentho-Lyptical.

The Melt

It’s not easy to describe the smooth grooves and softening sounds of the Melt, but we’ll give it a try. Think liquefied loops and dissolving dubs meant to thaw away stress and help build momentum for what lies ahead. This monthly dance party is just as unpredictable as it is tried-and-true — a gorgeous nebula of visceral and vanguard refrains that refuse to distinguish between music and movement or melody and motion; instead, it all just melts away for a fresh new you.

The Melt, various prices, monthly at various LA locations.