Minimal Posters of NYC’s Subway Lines

Making a map of New York City’s complicated subway system that is geographically accurate and easy on the eyes is no simple task — just ask Massimo Vignelli. Spotted by ANIMAL, these minimal beauties by designer Andrew Lynch aren’t just pretty to look at — they’re also true to scale. “This series of posters tries to flip the original rational for clean design on its head,” he explains on the recently funded Kickstarter for the project. “Instead of creating a map showing the routes of each line abstracted to fit into a small map each poster shows just one train line by itself, stripped away from its context, with a description and statistics provided. Why do it this way? I wanted to show the viewer something they see everyday but in a completely new, almost unrecognizable way; the way it actually looks.” Click through to view all nine posters in the candy-colored set.

Image credit: Andrew Lynch