Photos of Famous Musicians Playing in the Snow

If that was winter, we guess it’s pretty much over, which is depressing news for those of us who actually enjoy the snow (and for anyone worried about, y’know, global warming and the future of the planet.) We’re already looking wistfully back at the photos we published a couple of weeks back of famous authors playing in the snow, and we thought we’d follow up today with similar images of musicians. These were somewhat more difficult to track down — a legacy, perhaps, of the fact that musicians as a whole aren’t exactly noted for being outdoor types — but still, there’s plenty of snow-related musical imagery to be found if you look hard enough. So click through and try to ignore the fact that if these crazy warm summers are anything to go by, these sorts of pictures are probably gonna be the only way to see snow in a few years’ time. Huzzah.

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The Beatles

If there’s any one band associated with an image of romping in the snow, it’s The Beatles circa Help! Apparently they had a blast making the film, something that certainly comes across in this image: “All the snow scenes,” explained Paul McCartney, “were ‘cos the lads wanted a holiday. They were fed up working.”