10 New Gadgets You Can’t Live Without

At last week’s Consumer Electronics Show, consumers were introduced to an assortment of new and exciting products, ranging from Razer Edge, the PC-gaming tablet and Best of Show winner, to Fitbit Flex, a cute, comfortable rubber bracelet that helps you track your fitness goals. But, while these are all great, there are a lot of new gadgets that seem more like necessities than, well, gadgets. Here are our top ten technological tools that we have no idea how we’ve lived without before now.

SpareOne Emergency Phone

This $99 phone operates without a SIM card and works as long as it’s remotely near a GSM cell tower. It’s waterproof and extreme weather-resistant, holds a charge for 15 years, has one-button emergency dialing, lets you talk uninterrupted for 10 hours, and comes with a built-in LED torchlight. Oh, one more thing — it runs on a single AA battery. Future Hurricane Sandys have just gotten a little less terrifying.