The Real-Life Stories Behind 10 Famous Love Songs

This week sees the release of the new solo album from Christopher Owens, formerly of Girls and now of lovelorn solo balladeering endeavors. The album’s called Lysandre and is particularly notable for being based around a narrative thread about Owens’ love affair with the girl of the same name. The story behind the record is an interesting one, and it got us thinking about the real-life stories behind some of our other favorite love songs, and we’ve related a selection of the best of them after the jump. Let us know if you have any to share.

Christopher Owens — Lysandre

The eponymous Lysandre was apparently a girl Owens met on tour in France, and he was clearly taken with her, given that he wrote an entire record about her (even if it’s a fairly short one, clocking in at only 29 minutes). Owens goes all out with the naturalism idea, referencing locations, people, and generally playing out like an extended and intimate paean to girl in question — the result is like sneakily reading someone else’s love letters.