Controversial Cultural Icons Interviewing Each Other

The gamine-coiffed creator of Girls, Lena Dunham, is currently on the cover of Interview magazine. Creative comrade Miranda July conducted the chat with the Tiny Furniture director. Both artists have carved their own path in the industry and made careers out of being keen observers, illuminating the unspoken intricacies of the everyday. Each has also faced their share of controversy — arousing criticisms over sex, nepotism, racial insensitivity, and body image, to name a few. We wanted to explore what happens when two cultural icons sit down to interview each other — and we’ve shared the Dunham/July talk past the break. Do these pioneering, celebrity culture makers ask the tough questions? Can they relate to one another, or do they lock horns? Check out the interviews between several controversial cultural icons that we tracked down, and find out.

Morrissey and Joni Mitchell

Morrissey has never been shy about expressing his dislike for everything from meat and Madonna, to Natalie Merchant and the Royal family. However, when he interviewed legendary singer songwriter, Joni Mitchell, in 1997 he showed a softer side for his idol. Mitchell has aroused her own share of controversy. She had a public feud with Bob Dylan several years back, and in 1977 during the release of her album, Don Juan’s Reckless Daughter, she appeared on the cover dressed in blackface as her alter ego, Art Nouveau. The two got right down to business when Morrissey opened the interview deriding critics and audiences for calling Mitchell a female songwriter. “It implies limitations,” Mitchell remarked. “I never really liked lines, class lines, you know, like social structure lines since childhood, and there were a lot of them that they tried to teach me as a child,” she told him. Website Dangerous Minds published the full audio interview, which you can listen to above. View the transcript over here.