10 Feature Films You Didn’t Realize Started As Shorts

This week, we’ll finally learn the secret behind the disappearance of two young girls that were rescued from a cabin in the woods and became haunted by an eerie presence. Mama opens in theaters tomorrow. Super producer Guillermo del Toro is never one to turn his back on a film about kids and things that creep in the dark. He’s been promoting the movie since it started as a Spanish short film. You can watch the spooky video after the jump, where we’ve shared other short films that became feature-length movies. Several directors used their shorts as a jumping point to expand their vision, while others were discovered thanks to their introductory projects. Watch the movies that started life small and grew into big screen hits, below.


In the introduction to the 2008 short film Mamá from writer-director Andrés Muschietti, sleepless filmmaker Guillermo del Toro explains that he was drawn to the creepy tale’s “craftsmanship, ingenuity, and horror,” leading him to become a producer for the feature. Let us know how they compare after you see the film in theaters tomorrow.