The Velvet Underground Members’ Top 10 Post-VU Albums

[Ed. note: In honor of John Cale’s mini-residency at BAM this week — including an all-star tribute to Nico on Wednesday and performances of his 1973 solo album, Paris 1919 on Friday and Saturday — Flavorwire New York has embarked upon a week-long celebration of all things Velvet Underground.]

While there is no dearth of books, magazine articles, blog posts, and record store conversations as to just how important the LPs put out by The Velvet Underground were and continue to be to modern music, the various members of the group have also amassed a pretty remarkable string of albums since the band’s first record came out in 1967. Below, we rank the band members’ top ten most essential post-VU releases.

10. Lou Reed – Metal Machine Music

Depending on your personal preferences, 1975 album, the most nihilistic statement of his career, might not be what you consider good music. Over an hour of droning noise that actually keeps in step with Reed and Cale’s early, pre-Velvets work, Metal Machine Music might actually be the punkest record ever.