Photo Essay: Meet New York’s Loyal Public Library Patrons

You know those places with all the books? Those storehouses of archived newspapers, art magazines, academic journals, and fiction written for young adults? Libraries? Well, they’re still here, and according to a new study New York’s public libraries are “serving more people in more ways than ever before.” To get a better sense of who these people are and why they’re still trudging to their local edifice of knowledge in a stay-at-home age of smartphones, Kindles, and the World Wide Web, we visited a few branches throughout the city. Meet the people we met inside.

Photo by Aaron Colussi.

Location: Grand Central Library, Manhattan
Name: Luke Grant
Age: 18
Occupation: Artist

How often do you visit this branch? “Whenever I get the chance. So, from once a day to once a month.”

Why are you here today? “I came to meet friends and socialize. To learn new things and meet people who might help me get further along. I live in Brooklyn, but I make the trip because this branch in particular sticks with me.”