The Wackiest Conspiracy Theories from the World of Music

A couple of weeks back, we surveyed some fascinating conspiracy theories about literary characters, pondering everything from whether The Great Gatsby’s Nick Carraway was gay to whether Dorothy was a witch all along. We’re generally not big believers in conspiracy theories, but if nothing else, they do make for amusing reading, and the whole literary characters idea has got us thinking about similar whisperings from other parts of the pop cultural spectrum… like these ones, for instance, which hail from a place where truth is often stranger than fiction: the music industry! Click through and read some of the most weird and wonderful conspiracy theories the world of music has thrown up over the years, and let us know if you have any to add.

Andrew WK is not Andrew WK

Or, at least, he’s not the Andrew WK that used to be Andrew WK, who was quietly replaced at some point during the mid-2000s with the new Andrew WK. Confused? You should be. Bizarre rumors have long surrounded the career of party-starter Andrew Wilkes-Krier, involving allegations of brainwashing, corporate conspiracies, and a nefarious puppetmaster called Steev Mike. If you want to go down the conspiracy rabbit hole, you can start here, or here, or here. Curiously enough, there does seem to be at least some sort of substance to all this — Wilkes-Krier discussed some of the stranger aspects of his career with your correspondent a couple of years back, and seemed to imply that Steev Mike was a pseudonym for people involved with his career who he was bound by a non-disclosure agreement not to name, and that he was also forced against his will into his motivational speaking career by these very people. Truth is, as they say, often stranger than fiction.