10 Best-Selling Novels and the Directors Who Should Adapt Them

Yesterday, we heard that David Fincher, director of Fight Club and The Social Network (among numerous other things), is considering signing on to direct the adaptation of Gone Girl, the thriller that took this year’s book world by storm. Fincher is great and all (and, as Deadline so awkwardly points out, “has handled female-themed Panic Room with Jodie Foster”), but we don’t think he’s the best man for the job. After the jump, we’ve taken a look at ten contemporary bestsellers, including Gone Girl, and picked the directors that we think would be the best at adapting them (even if, er, film versions have already been made). Click through to see our choices, and feel free to argue us down in the comments.

Gone Girl, Gillian Flynn – Christopher Nolan

Forget Batman for a minute. In his dark heart, Chris Nolan is a clockmaker, fitting the tiny pieces together with precision, leaving the viewer gasping, which is what this book needs. After all, there’s more than a little Memento in Gone Girl.