The Funniest and Meanest Things Bands Have Said About Their Fans

Our friends at BuzzFeed recently exhumed the hilarious story of the Creed gig so disastrous that it led to the band’s fans filing a class action lawsuit against them for “failing to substantially perform.” The whole story is worth reading in a car-crash sort of way — the worst bit, though, was Stapp claiming the entire thing was the work of disgruntled fans who had tried to hit them up for free merch: “We gave them everything they asked for… The next thing we knew, there they were on TV, talking about their lawsuit.” Considering Stapp spent most of the show passed out on stage, we’re not sure he should be throwing stones here. Still, it’s not the worst thing a band has said about their fans. As a bit of lighthearted reading for a Wednesday afternoon, we’ve pulled together a bunch of other examples of bands teeing off on the people who ultimately pay their rent.

Maynard James Keenan

“For the most part, I have no idea who those people are, especially when we’re traveling through Europe. And it’s not all our fault; it’s a whole series of events. [You play] heavy music, and your record company, which has never owned an album anything like what you’re doing, immediately markets you to the obvious stinky kid with the dreadlocks and the B.O. and the urine on his shoes because he’s been sleeping in his own filth in a festival in the middle of the rain. They basically market right to that guy. And then you realize the only people showing up to your shows are those primates, these weird, cretin people.” [via]