Geffen Refaeli’s Surreal Instagram Illustrations

Israeli illustrator Geffen Refaeli draws strange, surreal and often highly adorable illustrations, each one inspired by other people’s Instagram photos. Fittingly, she publishes a cheeky drawing every few days as dailydoodlegram, and has racked up thousands of followers in the process. As she told Haaretz, “I almost always look for pictures with objects rather than landscapes, something with a focus rather than a panorama. Usually I choose pictures of an object or animal or a figure that can be removed from its context.” It’s the removal from context that turns these irreverent sketches into art — the way Refaeli can see possibility, magic and weirdness in even the most mundane snapshots. After the jump, check out a few of our favorites from her ongoing project, and then be sure to head over to dailydoodlegram to see many more.

Image credit: Geffen Refaeli