The ABCs of Over-the-Counter Drugs

Ray Geary has covered everything from bullets to Matryoshka dolls in resin to create sculptures whose slick, visually pleasing exteriors contrast with their strange or menacing central object. Perhaps most striking is his work with pills, which ranges from this colorful slab of pharmaceutical harmony to capsule-covered maps of the United States to the series below. For the 26 sculptures that make up Over the Counter ABC’s, Geary formed each letter out of an alphabetically appropriate medication (“A” is for Advil, etc.). Encased as they are in squares of resin, the OTC pill letters bear an odd resemblance to alphabet blocks. Click through for a selection of works from the series, which we discovered via Visual Poetry and ArtSlant, and visit Geary’s website to see more of his work.

Image credit: Ray Geary