A Brief Survey of Celebrities’ Crushes on Other Celebrities

With industry professionals thriving in a hotbed of talented, attractive people, it’s no surprise that celebs can develop major crushes on other celebrities. Who else can understand the pressures and pleasures of fame more than another pop culture star? Sometimes admiration turns into a deeper attraction and fantasies about powerhouse relationships. We looked at the crushes of ten artists who have a thing for the singers and screen stars working alongside them. It’s cute, sometimes creepy, and always entertaining. Tell us about your favorite celeb-on-celeb crushes, below.


Gary Kemp Had a Crush on David Bowie

The Spandau Ballet guitarist wrote this love letter to Bowie for The Guardian

“The first time I fell in love it was with a man. It happened one Thursday evening in the bedroom of a flat in King’s Cross. I was a wide-eyed boy of 12 and the object of my passion had dyed orange hair and white nail varnish. Looking out from a tiny TV screen was a Mephistophelean messenger from the space age, a tinselled troubadour to give voice to my burgeoning sexuality. Pointing a manicured finger down the barrel of a BBC lens, he spoke to me: ‘I had to phone someone, so I picked on you.’ I had been chosen.”