The 10 US States With the Greatest Love Stories

Earlier this week, we noticed this map of the country, with a literary love story assigned to each state, over at Amazon. Though the US (and the world) has no shortage of amazing novels of passion, we’re betting you don’t have time to read 50 novels during this the most romantic of months. To help you out (and in case you want to get the perfect book for that special someone this week), we’ve picked the ten states that we think have the all-time best love stories in American literature. Click through to see which ones we chose — and feel free to disagree with us in the comments!


New York: The Age of Innocence, Edith Wharton

Much like your image of the one that got away, this novel — which won the Pulitzer in 1921 — just doesn’t age. In this beautiful love triangle, set in the socially constrained upper crust of 1870s New York City, the exotic Madame Olenska (whom Gore Vidal once deemed the most fascinating woman in literature) tempts the dashing Newland Archer, already promised to the demure May Welland. Intrigue! Passion! Withholding! After that, we’ll just direct you to Roxane Gay’s discussion of the brilliance of the book.