10 Obscure Punctuation Marks That Should Really Get More Play

Recently, we were apprised of a proposed addition to the world of punctuation: the “ElRey Mark,” a symbol that looks a bit like an exclamation point with a dot at each end. As weird as it looks, we actually think it sounds pretty useful — the mark is meant to be read as “somewhere between the deadpan period and the excitable exclamation point.” That is, it’s the perfect punctuation mark for every polite email you’ll ever send. In honor of the ElRey, we’ve put together a list of ten obscure punctuation marks that we’d love to see in print more often. Did we miss your favorite? Think we’re crazy? Let us know in the comments.


The ElRey Mark

This little two-headed exclamation point should be used when you’re cheery, but not over-the-top excited. That is, as Rob Walker explains, “While the new mark would clearly signal positivity, it would save us from communicating with the unhinged emotionality of a note slipped between junior-high students.”