Jan von Holleben’s Delightfully Magical Photos of Kids as Classic Heroes

Berlin-based photographer Jan von Holleben doesn’t go in for all that cutesy child photography stuff. The typical babies-as-flowers style, he tells Wired, “cater[s] to a certain kind of people who romanticize childhood and who want to have it in a safe bubble.” Instead, Von Holleben’s work captures kids in magical, adventurous scenes, all created without Photoshop — instead, his subjects help him create the set, and then lie on the ground in their poses while Von Holleben shoots them from above. After the jump, check out Action Heroes, one of our favorite series from Von Holleben’s work in this style, and then head on over to the photographer’s website to see much more.

Photo Credit: Jan von Holleben
The Wizards. Photo Credit: Jan von Holleben