A Keith Haring Tour of New York City

February 16th marks the 23rd anniversary of New York icon Keith Haring’s death. The art world will continue to clamor to get a hold of the pieces of the artist’s legacy, but he left New York many gifts to satiate his absence. Haring lived here from 1978 until his death in 1990. Although most of his street art is long gone, a few permanent pieces and remnants of the artist’s haunts can give us a glimpse into Haring’s life in the legendary New York downtown scene.


Crack Is Wack Mural, FDR and 128th Street

Haring’s orange-and-black Crack Is Wack is one of the artist’s best surviving illegal murals. Restored by the Parks Department in 2007 (which presumably no longer saw it as a graffiti eyesore), the piece appeared in 1986 as a reaction to the rising crack cocaine epidemic in the city.