10 of Music’s Weirdest Sources for Samples

This week sees the release of The Marriage of True Minds, the new album by Matmos, and as much as anything, this means that we’re excited to spend hours on end picking over where on earth all the sounds on the record in question come from. The Baltimore-based duo have long been some of the music world’s foremost exponents of sampling all sorts of weird and wonderful sources for the sounds they use, and in celebration of the arrival of their new record, we thought we’d look at their weirdest moments, along with some other artists who’ve specialized in finding samples in strange places.


Sources: surgery, aspirin tablets, a rat cage

One of the most continuously fascinating aspects of Matmos’s career over the years has been the question of what on earth they’re gonna sample next. The answer to that question has involved all sorts of weird shit, from the pages of a Bible turning to the sound of aspirin tablets being thrown at a drum kit. Still, for sheer disconcerting strangeness, it’s hard to go past their 2001 EP A Chance to Cut is a Chance to Cure, which featured samples of liposuction surgery, LASIK eye surgery, rhinoplasty, and “the plucked and bowed cage of our rat Felix.” Yikes.