Celebrate Kurt Cobain’s Birthday With the Weirdest Nirvana Merch on Etsy

There are plenty of bands that inspire devotion in their fans, but only a select few for whom that devotion spills over into obsessive weirdness. Today would have been Kurt Cobain’s 46th birthday, and while Cobain himself is long dead, his image lives on — in fact, it’s more ubiquitous than ever, adorning T-shirts, posters, and other, more unusual objects the world over. Much of this stuff is produced by fans, and the advent of Etsy means that these fans have a platform for selling this stuff to the world at large — and boy, have they ever grasped the chance. In celebration of the man’s birthday, then, we’ve collected some of the cheesiest/kitschiest/most bewildering Cobain paraphernalia we could find — so if you’ve ever wanted Nirvana cuff links or matryoshka dolls, look no further.


Matryoshka dolls

Made in Russia “of linden wood and then painted by a professional matryoshka doll artist.” Includes one especially tasteful image of Kurt brandishing a rifle. In Soviet Russia, doll shoots you!