The 10 Worst Moments in Oscar History

Sunday night is Oscar night, you guys — are you as excited as we are? No? Rest assured, this year’s Academy Award ceremony will be… well, it will certainly be something! Perhaps it will be classy and modest, filled with entertainment and good cheer and subtle but self-deprecating wit. No, wait, I just remembered that Seth MacFarlane will be hosting, so scratch all that.

But no matter how wrong the Family Guy creator may be for the job (and he’s said as much himself, to his credit), he can take some solace in the fact that there is a long, rich history of terrible Oscar moments, so he’s really going to have to tank it to make an impression. We’ve assembled our ten favorite awkward, cringe-worthy, and generally awful Oscar moments after the jump.

James Franco and Anne Hathaway (2011)

With Oscar viewership falling and producers unable to pick a comedian host who is both funny and inoffensive to the Academy’s older members, some bright soul thought that hiring Franco and Hathaway, two of Hollywood’s hottest young actors, was the way to get the young people to watch. (It’s the kind of blatantly transparent play for buzz that always reminds us of that Saturday Night Live sketch where Frank Sinatra’s new album of tunes the young people will enjoy is called Frank Sings Tunes the Young People Will Enjoy. It’s also the thinking that got us Seth MacFarlane as an Oscar host, BUT I DIGRESS.) Over the course of the long and awkward evening, Franco and Hathaway exhibited an astonishing lack of chemistry, with the former seeming alternately bored or baked and the latter’s flailing attempts to overcompensate landing with a thud.