Will These 10 Films Be Next Year’s Oscar Nominees?

Well, after months of hype, after hundreds of thousands of dollars in campaigning, after endless precursor award ceremonies leading to the big night, the Oscars are over. So, what’s next? We joked about “the 12 or so hours we get until next year’s Oscar race begins,” but you know the producers of next year’s would-be nominees and winners are already gearing up. So we took a look at the films slated thus far for release this fall — traditionally the time when Serious Oscar Movies are unleashed — inventoried their Oscar-friendly elements, and came up with ten movies you might spend a Sunday night desecrating on Twitter, this time next year.



RELEASE DATE: September 20

OSCAR-FRIENDLY FACTORS: The last time director Ron Howard and screenwriter Peter Morgan collaborated (on Frost/Nixon), they were each nominated for Oscars. Howard won previously for A Beautiful Mind; Morgan was nominated in 2007 for The Queen.

ON THE OTHER HAND: The subject is Formula 1 racing, not exactly a go-to subject for Academy Award winners.