10 Stars From Your Childhood Who Got (Too Much) Religion

“Nobody finds God on prom night,” Dennis Miller once joked — an insightful gag about the tendency of celebrities and other public figures to turn religious once their lives and careers are in a freefall, rendered doubly poignant by Miller’s subsequent turn from an equal-opportunity offender to a right-wing water carrier when the gigs dried up during the Bush years, but I digress. Point is, we’re big on ‘80s and ‘90s nostalgia around here, but as we look into the current whereabouts of celebs we remember from those years, we’re often surprised to find how many went and found God when the phone stopped ringing (or just before, which may or may not be a coincidence). After the jump, a brief selection of folks we remember from before they hit the Bible.

Kirk Cameron

The most famous case of an ‘80s icon turned preacherman is, of course, the former Mike Seaver, who transformed from atheist to True Believer at the height of his Growing Pains fame and insisted the show’s storylines jibe up with his dogma. He’d also like America to do the same; he’s spent the years since Growing Pains and Like Father Like Son making “evangelical thrillers” and conservative documentaries, while speaking out against the evils of gay marriage, Darwinism, and atheism, which he tells us is unequivocally disproven by bananas.