10 New Must-Reads for March

If it’s anything, March is a month of transition — that liminal space between February’s harsh cold shoulder and April’s underhanded promise of spring. So why not weather the awkward weeks reading? We know, we know, every month we have a vaguely metaphorical reason why it’s the perfect time to read, but we sincerely believe in all of them — plus, we can assure you that this March boasts a spectacular spate of new books, from essential reissues of forgotten classics to sparkling debut novels to new forms from modern masters. After the jump, check out our ten must-reads for the month ahead, and let us know what’s on your wish list in the comments.


The Fun Parts, Sam Lipsyte (March 5)

Sam Lipsyte’s books keep getting darker and darker — and perhaps it’s no coincidence that they keep getting better and better, too. The newest collection includes a host of brutal stunners that unpack all the grimy weirdness of the world we know, and imagine the banal eccentricities of worlds we might not. For those of you who fell in love with George Saunders in January and don’t know where to go, consider this a neon signpost.