The Most Bizarre Tie-In Merchandise from ’80s Movie Classics

Your Flavorwire resisted the temptation to wade into the recent controversy over those collectible figures from Quentin Tarantino’s Djanjo Unchained, but we’ll say this much: it’s important to remember that those toys were aimed at adult collectors, while we can recall (or have managed to suppress our memories) of some thoroughly strange movie tie-ins from our youth that were aimed directly at kids. After the jump, stroll back to the ‘80s with us, when any movie was marketable to anyone, no matter how bizarre or inappropriate.


Princess Leia Hoth Underoos

George Lucas was the founding father of movie merchandising, famously holding on to merch rights for Star Wars (to the snickers of woefully shortsighted executives) and subsequently making a rather large fortune off them. As a result of the film’s lasting popularity and endless sequels, prequels, and re-releases, there has been a lot of Star Wars stuff out there — some of it a little on the bizarre side. Our favorite vintage item is this, one of the countless underwear sets from Fruit of the Loom, known forevermore as “Underoos.” Some of them are simply pictures of your favorite character (Luke, Han, Yoda, even Boba Fett) on a set of matching undies. But they occasionally got a bit more creative, as with this two-piece, which kinda, sorta replicates Leia’s outfit in Empire Strikes Back’s Hoth section — except that the bulky jumpsuit-and-vest combo was to keep her warm on the snow-covered planet, where these drawers would be a one-way ticket to Frostbite Town.