Ingenious Green Billboards That Make Advertising Eco-Friendly

As big brands become more environmentally conscious, green advertising is steadily increasing in an attempt to court new generations of eco-savvy consumers. Billboards afford ad companies the biggest space and greatest visibility, and corporations are taking advantage of these intrusive structures in more thoughtful ways. Lush gardens, solar and wind-powered displays, and other “living” signs have been transformed from otherwise obnoxious ad clutter into attention-grabbing and ingenious eco statements.

Natural beauty and skin care company Burt’s Bees created a billboard made from coupons to promote their new line of moisturizers. Once the tear-off paper was removed, a woman’s face was revealed with rehydrated skin. A massive piece of vinyl sheeting remained and was given to the Durham School of the Arts in North Carolina to be used as a rain catchment system so farmers could recycle 6,300 gallons of rainwater per year.