Geeky Ways to Propose: 15 Creative Pop Culture-Themed Rings and Boxes

By now, photos of a Dungeons and Dragons-themed engagement ring (as well as a video of the actual proposal) have gone viral and drawn many admirers of the 20-sided die reference (the woman behind the magic says she “[feels] like [she] rolled a natural 20 when [she] started dating her.”) In fact, there are plenty of pop culture-themed wedding rings and boxes out there, with many betrothed couples sealing their betrothal with keepsakes of the fandom that brought them together in the first place. Whether bonding over a shared love of Ocarina of Time or finishing each other’s Star Wars-quoting sentences, there is something below for everyone (or, at least, every nerd).

star wars wedding rings

Star Wars Han/Leia Quote Wedding Bands

Harrison Ford famously fought George Lucas to keep this iconic (and very true-to-character) exchange in the film. What Star Wars-loving couple wouldn’t want to wear that dialogue indefinitely as evidence of their commitment?