These Photo Portraits of New Yorkers Walking on Tilted Streets Will Mess With Your Mind

It’s always nice to see people handling the chaos of the city with aplomb, especially when they’re contorted into physically impossible positions without so much as a frown. In his 2009 series Tilt, New York-based photographer Romain Laurent takes ordinary subjects — a skateboarding boy, a woman holding coffee — and, true to the series’ title, tilts them so they appear to be nearly flush with the ground. The result is a stunning collection of photos that make the viewer do a double take, all while depicting New Yorkers from all walks of life, from an elegant Soho shopper to a kid on his way back from a Mr. Frostee truck. Click through for a gallery of images from the series, which we discovered via PetaPixel, and visit Laurent’s website to see more of his work.