A Selection of Celebrities Who Just Couldn’t Take a Joke

By now, even those of us who tend to ignore petty celebrity gossip have read a headline that goes something like, “Taylor Swift: to hell with Tina Fey, Amy Poehler?'” And then we had to see what could possibly have prompted this response to a pair of beloved comedians whose recent stint hosting the Golden Globes earned them seemingly universal praise. Both expressed shock, and even a little regret, that Swift had taken their lighthearted jab her love life to heart — and, in the end, they looked nothing but courteous and witty, while the singer came of as whiny. But at least the debacle was fairly amusing, as it tends to be when famous people insist on taking themselves too seriously. After the jump, we’ve rounded up a few more entertaining exchanges that ensued when celebrities just couldn’t take a joke.

tim burton

Tim Burton

When Kevin Smith cracked that the ending of Burton’s Planet of the Apes was plagiarized from one of his Jay and Silent Bob comic books, and that he was taking the director to court, Burton responded by insisting that he doesn’t read comic books, especially ones by Kevin Smith. The Clerks director responded that Burton’s confession “explains fucking Batman.” He later clarified that his initial remark was meant to be a joke, but at least he got the last (and best) word.