A Selection of Exercise-Themed Music Videos to Whip You Into Shape

The well of music video ideas is somewhat limited, and three decades after the advent of MTV, it’s interesting to see the themes that have recurred again and again over the years. One of the more enduring conceits, curiously enough, has been the workout video, either rendered in parodic style or played completely straight. We’re not entirely sure why this is — perhaps because, stereotypically, musicians aren’t generally the ones who enjoy gym class, or perhaps the curiously sexualized imagery of the fitness video provides rich material for satire and also for commentary on our society. In any case, the arrival of the latest addition to the genre — Dan Deacon’s “Crash Jam” — has gotten us thinking about gym-centric videos past and present.

Dan Deacon — “Crash Jam”

As we noted yesterday when this video arrived in our inbox, watching it kinda gives us a headache. We’re not saying we don’t like it — the frenetic imagery is a good fit for the similarly frenzied music that it accompanies, and the whole idea of a Dan Deacon exercise video is kind of amazing. But it still gives us a headache.