The 10 Pieces of Art You See at Every Art Fair Ever

We amused ourselves over the weekend trawling around the Armory Show and the Volta Art Fair, and while we do always enjoy wandering around art fairs looking at art (and, even better, looking at the people who are looking at art), we tend to notice that after a while we start to see the same sorts of works again and again. These are perhaps indicative of trends in contemporary art, or perhaps there are only so many ideas to go around. So if you weren’t up for shelling out the $30 for an Armory ticket, never fear — here’s a lighthearted look at the works of art you’ll be able to see again next year. And the year after. And…


Tim Noble and Sue Webster, Fucking Beautiful, neon and amplifier, 2000

Neon text art

There must be some sort of unspoken art-show quota that dictates that every biennial/art fair/etc. has to contain at least one piece that involves neon tubes spelling out words. We have nothing against the idea per se, although really there are only so many neon slogans you can read before you start wondering whether a concept that was kinda cool decades ago — hi, Bruce Nauman; hi, Tracey Emin — might be exhausted. (Our own Marina Galperina ended up making a catalog of them at the Armory last year, from which the above photo is taken.)