A Journey Through the 12 Ages of David Bowie

As we noted earlier this week, David Bowie’s ever-evolving image has been the subject of more interest than pretty much any musician we can think of. Part of the reason for this, of course, is that it’s just so damn interesting — over the course of his career, Bowie’s moved from persona to persona like he’s trying on new coats at the thrift store, creating an image that’s always changing and always fascinating. As such, as part of Flavorwire’s David Bowie Week™, we thought we’d start at the beginning and go on a journey through the life of his most memorable incarnations. You’re more than welcome!


The Whimsical Singer/Songwriter

Laughing gnomes, a Herman’s Hermits haircut, acoustic guitars, psychedelia. Who’d have guessed at what was to come? But then came “Space Oddity,” and everything changed forever.