The Musicians That Make the Best Music Videos

As we noted last week, we were both intrigued and disconcerted by the arrival of the new Beach House video for “Wishes,” which features the ever-terrifying Ray “Leland Palmer” Wise lip-synching to the song as he directs some sort of weird gymanstic-centric cult meeting in a sports stadium. It’s the latest in a series of pretty awesome videos from Beach House, and it got us thinking about other bands who’ve really embraced the medium as an art form, making consistently great videos over the years. Here are some of our favorites!

Fever Ray

As if her album wasn’t amazing enough — it’s still on high rotation at Flavorpill Central some four years after its release — Karin Dreijer Andersson furnished its four singles with a series of remarkable videos, all of which shared a pensive, faintly ominous mood that echoed the music beautifully. The videos also seemed to share a loose conceptual theme — they’re dominated by images of nightmares, ruined houses, and strange, damaged women. “If I Had a Heart” (above) is our favorite, but they’re all worth seeing.