5 Hoaxes That Rocked the Nerd Universe

Earlier this week, dedicated Trekkies (not to mention new-to-the-bandwagon Benedict Cumberbatch devotees) were disappointed to learn that the latest Star Trek Into Darkness poster, showing the Enterprise looming out of an unidentified body of water, was not an officially sanctioned teaser but a fan-made project. As far as fandom hoaxes go, that’s relatively minor; with hardcore dedication comes an equally hardcore rumor mill, and as everyone knows, you can’t believe everything you read. Whether it’s video games or fantasy novels, viral rumors and leaks have often turned out to be just wishful thinking or even elaborate pranks. From Star Wars speculation to a creepy Pokemon rumor, we’ve collected the best (or worst, depending how you look at it) hoaxes and rumors from the nerdy world of fandom.


Zack Snyder Directing a Standalone Star Wars Movie

Most of the Star Wars rumors this year have turned out to be true: J.J. Abrams is directing Episode VII, the new trilogy will be a set of sequels, not prequels, and members of the original cast, including Carrie Fisher as Princess Leia, are set to reprise their roles. Unfortunately, Vulture’s report this January that Zack Snyder would be directing his own standalone project set in the Star Wars universe did not turn out to be one of them. Supposedly loosely based on Kurosawa’s Seven Samurai and supported by Disney CEO Bob Iger’s announcement that the company plans “to release a new Star Wars feature film every two to three years,” the rumor was quickly shot down by Snyder’s reps, who claim, “Zack is not involved in any way with Star Wars.” While Vulture stands by their original story, it looks like Star Wars fans will have to make do with a mere three brand-new movies.