Fascinating Behind-the-Scenes Photos from a Lolita Fashion Show

Vladimir Nabokov made the name “Lolita” famous, but the term has come to embody an entire subculture denoted by elaborate Victorian and Rococo-style costumes, youthful — but modest — silhouettes and accessories, and sickly sweet colors. Los Angeles-based photographer Damon Casarez captured these fascinating photos from a behind-the-scenes shoot at a runway event showcasing Southern California’s Lolita designers. Many Lolita enthusiasts argue that the cutesy styles originated as a response to society’s obsession with bare bodies. Others point out that the fashions infantilize women in a disturbing way. See more Lolita fashion photos, which we first spotted on Beautiful/Decay, in our gallery.

Photo credit: Damon Casarez

Photo credit: Damon Casarez


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