Beautiful International Lobby Cards for Famous Films

Movie posters get all the glory, but lobby cards can be just as beautiful. These smaller promotional artworks usually feature the most memorable scenes from films. Tumblr Lobby Cards — which we spotted thanks to Gems — boasts a wonderful collection of the filmic advertisements. The Tumblr explains: “The lobby card was a form of advertising that revolutionized the look of graphics. Lobby Cards were sent out by the publicity departments of the Hollywood studios in sets of eight to twenty images reflecting the content of a newly released movie. Their purpose: to lure the movie-going public into theatres across the country.” Most of the lobby cards featured on the website are from various personal collections, including the Tumblr author’s. We highlighted several eye-popping international lobby cards advertising famous films in our gallery.


Yellow Submarine, British lobby (front of the house) card. Re-Release 1999