The Most Hilariously Bizarre Commercials Starring Musicians

If you’re a brand seeking some measure of credibility with the kidz, the concept of getting a musician to flog your product for you makes perfect sense — the only problem is how you go about doing so without making it look like a crass commercial cash grab that will arouse only contempt in your target audience. This dilemma has led to some pretty bizarre advertisements over the years, some successful, some rather less so. Anyway, in light of the glut of such adverts recently (in the last month or so, there have been recent ads starting Billy Corgan, Wayne Coyne, and Tyler, the Creator) we thought we’d round up some of the weirdest we could find, both past and present.

Tyler, the Creator for Mountain Dew

Starring OFWGKTA associate Errol Chatham, his date and an ornery goat by the name of Felicia (the latter voiced by Tyler, who also directed). We’ll have to wait and see whether or not this is for real — so far it’s only surfaced on the Odd Future Tumblr — but either way, it’s rather amusing. Also, we like goats.