Insanely Detailed Posters Charting Beatles Musical Arrangements

Pop Chart Lab has issued a series of posters that are sure to separate the millions (billions?) of casual Beatles fans around the world from the genuine Fab Four geeks. In three prints that divide the band’s output into three eras (1963-65, ’66-’67, and ’68-’70), the Beatles Song Charts break down the instrumentation on every single one of their songs. Behold all three paeans to songwriting below, and visit Pop Chart Lab to see larger versions — and, if you’re ready to give over your household to an all-Beatles interior decorating scheme, purchase prints.

Volume 1: 1963-1965P-Beatles01_0319

Volume 2: 1966-1967P-Beatles02_0319

Volume 3: 1968-1970P-Beatles03_0319