Great Bands That Made (Relatively) Forgettable Debut Records

In an interesting cosmic coincidence, this week marks notable anniversaries for two of the more significant debut albums in the world of rock ‘n’ roll: 25 years ago yesterday, the Pixies released Surfer Rosa, while 50 years ago today, the Beatles released Please Please Me. Perhaps the most interesting thing about this is the contrast between the quality of the records — Surfer Rosa was a fully realized artistic vision, while Please Please Me only hinted at what the Beatles would go on to achieve. Still, the Fab Four are in pretty good company as far as bands who overcame relatively unimpressive debut albums go. As these ten records prove, there’s hope for everyone!

The Beatles — Please Please Me

Look, come on. Every time we say anything remotely negative about The Beatles, our comments section gets all pissy, but seriously, look at the track list for Please Please Me — six covers (one of which is the obligatory Ringo track), along with eight originals, of which only two can begin to argue for inclusion in the band’s canon. Sure, it’s not a complete stinker, and sure, it introduced the world to one of the most influential bands in history — but it’s not exactly Abbey Road, either.