10 Movies You Never Knew Were Also TV Shows

‘Tis the season for adapting movies into television shows: A&E made a big splash with its Psycho prequel series Bates Motel (distractingly set in the modern era, so have fun untying that continuity), NBC has its Hannibal Lecter series Hannibal on deck for an April 4 debut, and Amazon has just announced their order for a pilot episode of Zombieland, based on the 2009 Jesse Eisenberg/Woody Harrelson movie. With all this activity stewing in the movie-to-TV pipeline, let’s not forget one important fact: with only a few exceptions (Buffy, M*A*S*H, Friday Night Lights, The Odd Couple, and… I dunno, Clueless?), most TV shows based on motion pictures sink without a trace. Don’t believe us? After the jump, we’ve got ten movie-to-TV adaptations that you probably didn’t know existed.


It’s one of the most beloved motion pictures of all time, so certainly no dumb schmuck ever tried to turn ‘Casablanca’ into a TV show, right, you’d think, and you’d be wrong — twice. Yes, two separate attempts (nearly 30 years apart) were made to somehow recapture the magic of Michael Curtiz’s 1942 classic. Both were prequels, centering on the action at Rick’s Café Américain; the first, with Charles McGraw filling in for Bogie, ran ten episodes (as part of the rotating anthology series Warner Bros. Presents) from 1955 to 1956, while the second only lasted half that long, with David Soul (aka “Hutch” from Starsky and Hutch) playing Rick in 1983. Here’s hoping they remember these two flops as they inch closer to maybe making that sequel nobody wants.