Hauntingly Empty Photos of Infamous War Landmarks

This harrowingly beautiful series of war photography by the Czech photographer Pavel Maria Smejkal depicts remarkably barren scenes in infamous places. The iconic settings found in Fatescapes (which we spotted via It’s Nice That) are seemingly devoid of life – the closest elements to humanity are the cold statues in the photograph taken in Berlin – and yet they take on a vividly somber quality. It’s rare that we find an entirely empty place today. To encounter Smejkal’s Fatescapes, which enter such places at a time of cultural upheaval, becomes even more jarring. Click through for a gallery of photos from the series, and visit the photographer’s website to see more of his work.

Fatescapes (Beijing)Photo Credit: Pavel Maria Smejkal
Fatescapes (Beijing)
Photo Credit: Pavel Maria Smejkal